History of TKLD

Ever since the formation of the Naga Students’ Union, Delhi (NSUD) on 25th August 1963, the NSUD has been functioning under a unitary system. However, with the increase of number of Naga Students’ in Delhi, the unitary system could no longer absorb the pressure and function effectively. With pros and cons, the debate on restructuring the working system continued for several years. After much deliberations and discussions, a resolution was adopted by the general body meeting to form a quasi-unitary system in 1994.

The quasi-unitary system allows each and every Naga community to constitute a convener, who was to be assisted by two Representatives in their respective communities. Under the quasi-unitary system, the Tangkhul Katamnao Delhi (TKD) was formed as one of the units of NSUD. Since then, the Convener and the Representative has been executing the internal affairs of TKD. However, the debate on moving towards a more federal like structure continued within the NSUD. This motion was moved strongly by some of the units. On 1st February 2003, the NSUD general body meeting finally adopted the proposed federal-like structure placed before the union by the NSUD’s constitution review committee. Under article 6 part A clause3 & 4 allows the various Naga Student communities to form its own union within the umbrella of the NSUD.

Under article 6 part A clause 3 & 4 of the NSUD’s Constitution, the Tangkhul Naga Student Community resolved to form a union (long) in Delhi. This is historical moment for the Tangkhul student community in Delhi to organize and form their own autonomous union under NSUD for the first time in the National capital region of India. 

Following the amendment to Article 6 of the Naga Students’ Union Delhi (NSUD) constitution, the Quasi-unitary system of the students’ body was discontinued and a federal-like structure was adopted on 1st February 2003 and the Tangkhul Katamnao Delhi became a fully fledged union.

In the early 1990s, the Tangkhul Naga Community in Delhi initiated for the formation of Tangkhul Christian fellowship (TCF) in Delhi with much debate and deliberations. Since the formation of TCF in 1993, the students and some of the elders organized and manned the various activities of the fellowship under the chairmanship of Chaplin was established in 1998 to take care of the internal affairs of TCF.